Paper Lanterns

by Paper Lanterns

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Recorded June 2010 with Kyle Graham at Drexel University


released July 11, 2010



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Paper Lanterns Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Alaska
We spent our evenings huddled close so we could feel
In the arms of everything we knew was real
And in a fever we jumped head-first off the pier
And that one last leap was the one that lead us here

You hold my head under water
And even though we search
We still can't find one another

Yeah, thinking about your rise and fall
You're feeling like Alaska now
I'm miles away from you

Remember when you stayed so closely to my hand
Just to kiss the cracks fast as you can?
And now I'm stuck here in this space all by myself
With a fucker of a feeling that nobody can help
Track Name: Outside
Never had an alarm clock since I moved down
I'm just waiting for the garbage trucks to come around
Then the people start loosing their cool
and I wake up in a puddle of my own drool

Right then I knew

I'm never going outside again

I'm standing in my room watching a guy
take a piss on the building across the street
He's not the only one
Track Name: Home Eraser
Hey kid, look what you did
Everything that I can't afford
Looking for an alternative
I don't know where I'm gonna live
But I know that I am home

The only dream I know
is a place called home
No matter where I go

Love will soon follow me down again
and these demons will disappear
to the dust that we'll shake from our heels
and pain and fear will soon be gone

How could we go wrong?